Mindless Self Indulgence Cancel Soundwave As Melbourne Gets Off To Shaky Start

Much like the Sydney leg of the festival, Soundwave Melbourne is off to a shaky start – it has been announced that the beloved Mindless Self Indulgence won’t be performing in that city today. Hopefully, also like Sydney, it will all sort out for the rest of the day.

MSI were due onstage at 1:20pm today but by the looks of things that’s just not going to happen. AJ Maddah described what he called another thing added to the list of “Virgin’s plethora of fuck ups” – the band’s gear is yet to arrive and currently missing, along with their all their other bags, echoing last weekend’s missing truck fiasco in Sydney, which caused Garbage to miss their set and Paramore to move their set time to the end of the night.

And there may be even more timetable problems for Soundwave Melbourne. Gates there were opened up to 45 minutes late this morning after a barrier set up went through a last-minute adjustment and needed to be sorted out before the grounds were deemed safe enough for the general public. Tweets reported gates opened at around 11:20am, which is 20 minutes AFTER the first bands were scheduled to play. Some punters had been in line since 4:30am and, needless to say, all those wanting to get in were having a whinge about it, some even finding ways to blame the late start for them missing out on tickets and signing times.

If you’re there right now, they only thing we can say is chill – AJ’s on the case to make sure you have a great day. Stick with Music Feeds for the latest updates.

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