Ministry Planning Perth Soundwave Sideshow

Al Jourgensen, frontman of Chicago industrial metal outfit Ministry has revealed his people are currently “working on” announcing some sideshows, specifically for Perth and Auckland, when they make their way to country next year as a part of the massive Soundwave 2015 lineup.

“They’re working on Perth and Auckland. They’re working on Sideshows,” Jourgensen told Music Feeds for an upcoming episode of Music Feeds Podcast. “I’m willing to do anything as long as they don’t take me out of Australia, as long as I can stay there. I love it there.”

The godfather of industrial metal also shared his eagerness to return to Australia for Soundwave, having last toured here with Ministry in 1995 for the Big Day Out. “I’m just counting the days until I get to the Land Of Wonder,” he said.

“It’s been, what, 20 years? And the last time I was there I handcuffed myself to a hotel railing in Perth and said, ‘I don’t want to leave’. So yeah, I’m kinda looking forward to getting back there.”

Seeing as Soundwave will not tour Perth in 2015 and boss AJ Maddah has already said there will be no Perth sidewaves in the coming year, if these shows were to go ahead they would likely be organised without the help of Soundwave and would not be “official” Sidewaves. A similar situation occurred with Clutch last year.

Earlier this month Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares revealed he was also keen on making a trip to Perth for a sidewave show. However, Maddah later said on Twitter that there was “no chance” of that happening as the band will “never be able to afford the return airfares + freight + show costs based on current Perth attendances”.

Ministry will be touring with their latest album From Beer To Eternity, which the band have said may be their last, since their guitarist Mike Scaccia died in 2012 after collapsing on stage. Jourgensen told Music Feeds an Australian tour was one of the late guitarists’ last wishes.

Stay tuned to Music Feeds for the full interview with Al Jourgensen, up soon on Music Feeds Podcast.

Watch: Ministry – PermaWar

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