Misery Signals Announce Crowd-Funded New Album

The moment many of us had totally given up on has now happened. Prepare yourselves everyone as Misery Signals are back and have announced plans for a once-mythical new album.

This week, the band launched their own crowd-sourcing campaign through Indie Go Go. In less than 48 hours, they’ve managed to rake in $27,000, which is more than half of their $50,000 target. The band know how this shit works and have thrown up some wicked incentives, including guitar lessons, and the actual guitar used on the album.

The band have until Monday, 13th May to reach their target, but it doesn’t look like they’ve got too much to worry about.

Life has just been straight up boring since Misery Signals pretty much vanished from the spotlight. The band have uploaded a short announcement (plus the sequel to Transmissions Ep. 1) explaining their recent movements, in which they explain dramas with the labels and other hindrances for the new material, which make me feel bad for getting so angry at them.

That’s about all she wrote on the new record, but the follow-up to 2008’s Controller sounds like it’s going to be a good fucking Misery Signals album.

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