Missy Elliot’s Manager Issues Statement Regarding Supafest

Missy Elliot’s manager, Mona Scott-Young, has today issued a statement regarding Elliot’s name being falsely advertised on the Supafest lineup.

Read the statement:

“It has come to our attention that Missy Elliott was being falsely advertised for Supafest. The promoter began advertising without confirmation from our end or contracts as it pertains to Missy’s appearance.

It is unfortunate when this happens as this dishonest behavior hurts everyone involved.

It not only damages the reputation of the artist, but most importantly it disappoints the fans who spend their hard earned money on tickets expecting to see the artist.

On behalf of Missy Elliott and our entire team, we apologise to her fans for the false promotion and are taking measures to resolve this matter.”

Missy Elliot also commented in the statement:

“I feel awful that my fans have been led to believe I will be in Australia.”

Update 1:16pm: Promoters say they will offer refunds

Update 12:30pm: Warner has also made a statement saying Missy was never booked to play: ” Although there were early discussions

between management and the agency representing Supafest, Elliott was never confirmed for the show or contracted to appear”.

P. Diddy, who was actually booked to play, hit out at the promoters last night for their decision to cancel his performance at the last minute.

Music Feeds is currently in touch with the Supafest PR company regarding refunds, more info on that within the next hour.

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