Moby Finds It Hard To Like Aphex Twin’s Music Because He Once Called Him A “Buffoon”

Aphex Twin is one of the most enigmatic people in music but he’s also one of the most openly nasty, once saying that he “hates” the public. Now, Moby has revealed that the English producer, born Richard D. James, had some insults for him when they were touring together in the ’90s.

Speaking to Thump’s Rave Curious podcast, Moby recalled a tour with Aphex Twin and Orbital where James told a journalist that he wasn’t sure why Moby was on the tour.

He told the journalist that he “couldn’t understand” why Moby was booked for the tour and went on to call him, “just a buffoon.”

Understandably, after that Moby found it pretty hard to like his music. Moby very politely called it a “shame” because he once like James’ music but he said that it’s, “hard to continue to like someone’s music when you know they hold you in contempt.”

Moby’s already addressed his issues with Aphex Twin in his memoirs. As Rolling Stone report, he said that he wanted to like his music but just couldn’t because of what he’d said about him in the press.

“I loved his records. But he rarely spoke to anyone, and when he gave interviews he criticized me for playing guitar on stage,” Moby wrote.

“He called me an elitist in the press, when actually I just had crippling tour-bus-inspired insomnia.”

Meanwhile, Aphex Twin has played his first show in the US in eight years over the weekend at a festival in Houston.

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