Moby Got Some More Vegan Tattoos In Case You Weren’t Aware He’s Vegan

You may remember back in September of this when Moby debuted his new “Vegan for life” neck tattoo on social media.

It was an admittedly odd way to round out a period of his life which saw him outright fabricate a relationship with a then-teenage Natalie Portman (claims she later shut down), and reveal that Lana Del Rey once characterised him as “the person they guillotine in the revolution.”

Well anyway, it turns out that wasn’t enough. To celebrate his 32nd year of veganism, the one-time techno giant has gotten the words “ANIMAL RIGHTS” poked down his arms. Go hard or go home, I guess.

The ink was administered by Kat Von D, like the “vegan for life” piece, and could also reference Moby’s 1996 album of the same name, Animal Rights.

There’s an old joke about those who don’t indulge in meat – “How do you tell a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” It’s an adage which typically proves itself untrue when one actually spends any time around followers of a plant-based diet. Moby appears to be the exception in this case.

That said, as someone who has been vegan for a significant portion of their life (don’t worry, I told you), and has their fair share of regrettable permanent stickers, I do feel adequately qualified to say that I would probably not make the same choice here.

But that’s just me. You go (faux) ham, Mobes.

Have a look yourself via Instagram below.


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