Molly Meldrum In Coma After Fall From Ladder

Molly Meldrum is in a critical condition after almost falling to his death at his home in Melbourne. Ambulance officers were called to his home in Richmond earlier tonight after Meldrum fell from a ladder. He was placed in an induced coma and rushed to the Alfred Hospital.

An Ambulance officer told the Australian:

He fell from a ladder, at some height, he was unconscious when we arrived.

Triple J presenter, Brendan Mclean tweeted:

I don’t think Australia will handle it if Molly Meldrum doesn’t pull through. He is like everyone’s wonderful uncle. #LoveYouMolly

Ruby Rose Tweeted:

I am sending my love and strength and energy to Molly Meldrum and very good friend and beautiful man. Please do the same. I love you man.

Meldrum has been involved in the Aussie music scene for nearly 50 years; he first started as a presenter for Countdown.

Molly recently inducted Kylie Minogue into the Aria hall of fame.

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