Molly Meldrum Opens Eyes For First Time Since Accident

Molly Meldrum has attempted to open his eyes for the first time since being put in an induced coma, after nearly falling from his death at his home in Melbourne.

Speaking with, the 65-year-old Meldrum’s manager, Mark Klemens, said doctors at The Alfred hospital in Melbourne had reduced his sedation levels yesterday before asking him if he was able to open his eyes.

“He did, slowly and deliberately, [but] He is still critical, he is still in an induced coma, but this at least gives us something positive.”

His doctors are confident that he will recover and believe that the most critical period is now over, but he may still remain in a coma for a number of days yet.

Meldrum had been putting up Christmas decorations for a party at his Richmond home on the 15th when he fell 3 metres from a ladder and suffered serious head injuries, as well as broken ribs and a punctured lung. Surgery was done to reduce swelling in his brain, and he has since been in a critical but stable condition.

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