Monster Truck’s Playlist To Get You Pumped For The Big Game

With the Superbowl in America done and dusted for another year, Aussies can now turn our sights more close to home, with all our local footy codes set to return to your weekends in a couple of months.

In the spirit of this handover of seasonal footy, we got cock rockers Monster Truck (Canadian sure, but… close enough) to put together this balls out playlist, that promises to gee you the fuck up for the footy season or whatever Big Game, you’ve got coming up.

Stonecold Crazy – Queen

I don’t even know why I would ever have to explain this one.  If I do, then you obviously just don’t get it.

Battery – Metallica

Metallica always rips it on track 1. Well, almost always.

Stand up for Rock and Roll – Airbourne

Good Aussie lads. Drinking and Partying never felt so good.

The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

Again. If this needs explanation then I’m gonna need you to give ME an explanation.

Embody the Invisible – In Flames

I love this whole fucking record. Curiously, it’s the only In Flames album not on Apple Music. Colony is one of my favourite metal records ever.

Monster Trucks new album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ is out February 19th and you can grab a pre-order here. Check out their latest single ‘The Enforcer’, below!

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