Montaigne Calls Her Poop-Mentioning ARIAs Speech “A Bit Of A Schamozzle”

Last night when Montaigne took out the ARIA for Breakthrough Artist she simultaneously amused and confused audiences by working poo into her speech and now she’s explained exactly what was going on in her head during that moment.

Basically, she was referencing French philosopher Michel de Montaigne’s quote, “Even on the highest throne in the world, we are still sitting on our ass,” and she added another bit about how everyone poops at least three times a week.

The lesson for the audience was that no matter how many accolades are awarded to us or how high the pedestal, we’re all just as special as each other and all have to do unglamorous things (like poo).

Speaking to Matt And Alex on triple j this morning, Montaigne admitted that the whole thing was, “a bit of a schamozzle.”

She had her speech written on her phone but she decided to go off script and lost her way a little.

“I wrote my speech on my phone, it was a damn fine speech let me tell you,” she said.

“I rehearsed it and everything but once I got up there… I just panicked and decided to read it from memory and was forgetting because I was nervous and trying to refer back to my phone. So the message got completely mixed up.”

As for #PooGate, the audience seemed to really focus on her saying, “I must remember that for the rest of my life I will probably eject at least three loads out of my butt every week.”

It got a little lost in translation but what she really meant was, “I will wipe my butt for the foreseeable future but everyday a host of people wipe it for me metaphorically.”

“That was supposed to be the bloody gag but I lost it! But everyone seemed to love it anyway, whatever.”

There’s plenty of good to come out of all of this though. She’s bagged herself an ARIA and managed to get the whole nation chatting about poop. What a legend.

Watch: Montaigne ARIAs 2016 Speech

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