Morrissey’s Relationship With A Man Cut From US Version Of ‘Autobiography’

The US edited of Morrissey‘s Autobiography leaves out details of the former Smiths singer’s two-year relationship with photographer Jake Owen Walters, reports WENN. In the book, Morrissey recalls in-depth his relationship with Walters in 1994, when the singer was in his 30s.

Though he retains a Morrissey-esque ambiguity about anything sexual, it’s apparent their relationship was very intimate. “For the first time in my life the eternal ‘I’ becomes ‘we’, as, finally, I can get on with someone,” he writes. “Jake and I neither sought not needed company other than our own for the whirlwind stretch to come.”

But reports are now circling that in the U.S. release, published on Tuesday December 3, many details of said relationship are missing or downplayed. The American release has allegedly left out a photograph of Walters as a boy and his name has been cut out of a story detailing a night out with Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde.

The book’s publishers have yet to respond to the claim but we fully expect a lengthy open-letter response soon from Morrissey (much like the one he just wrote about President Obama over the traditional Thanksgiving pardoning of a turkey) if reports are found to be accurate.

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