Morrissey: “I Am Humasexual”

The release of former frontman of the The Smiths Morrissey‘s autobiography had many excited about the possibility of finally receiving an answer to a question about which the singer has long been cryptic: his sexuality. The singer has now finally set the record straight in an official statement.

In his first statement since the release of the long-awaited book, Morrissey told fan site True To You that he was neither heterosexual nor homosexual, but rather “humasexual,” writing:

“Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course…not many.”

In the book, titled simply Autobiography, Morrissey goes in-depth about a relationship with a man named Jake Walters in 1994, when the singer was in his 30s. Though Morrissey describes an intimacy between the two, he remains classically ambiguous about anything sexual.

“For the first time in my life the eternal ‘I’ becomes ‘we,’ as, finally, I can get on with someone,” he writes. “Jake and I neither sought not needed company other than our own for the whirlwind stretch to come.”

Morrissey describes a tender relationship between the two, with Jake bringing him tea in the bath and taking intimate photos. “Jake and I test how far each of us can go before ‘being dwelt in’ causes cries of intolerable struggle, but our closeness transcends such visitations,” he adds.

The singer also writes about a time when a woman questioned the pair’s relationship in an airport:

“‘Well,’ says the woman in the British Airways lounge, ‘You’re either very close brothers or lovers.’ ‘Can’t brothers be lovers?’ I imprudently reply – always ready with the pointlessly pert, whether sensible or not.'”

Meanwhile, British actor Peter Serafinowicz, best known for his appearances in the comedies of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, has released a video of him singing the first page of Morrissey’s autobiography in the style of the singer himself, set to The Smiths’ William, It Was Really Nothing.

Serafinowicz has followed-up the first video with a sequel featuring himself singing the second page of Autobiography, once again in uncanny Morrissey style, this time set to The Smiths classic How Soon Is Now? Readers can check out both vids below.


Watch: Peter Serafinowicz Sings Page One Of Morrissey’s Autobiography

Watch: Peter Serafinowicz Sings Page Two Of Morrissey’s Autobiography

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