Moshtix Unveils New Social Ticketing Portal Streetix

In an effort to combat the headache of hard ticket distribution, Moshtix has unveiled a new social ticketing portal named Streetix.

Allowing venues, event organisers and promoters to harness the huge peer-to-peer ticket market online, Streetix will help these stakeholders to engage with mega-fans and key community taste-makers to help drive sales, rewarding them using a points, prize or cash-based commission structure.

Essentially serving as a one-stop shop for street teams, with Streetix there won’t be anymore chasing cash or manually dropping off tickets as everything can be done online.

Fully customisable and packing an inbuilt digital tax form feature, it will make life easier for hand-to-hand ticket sellers and promoters to track and manage sales revenue and more. Fully integrated with social media, the platform tracks any sharing of events and attributes any ticket sales from them to the user.

Speaking of the platform’s huge potential, CEO of The Ticket Group, Harley Evans, says, “This ground-breaking software will literally save so much time & resources for those dealing with tedious hard ticket distribution and reconciliation.”

Mr Evans says that while “the hard ticket market has been a tough one to crack because of its offline reliance on social influencers and key community leaders”, Streetix aims to “equip event organisers and venues with a unique tool to harness the potential of the huge ‘peer-to-peer’ market”.

Taking the same framework of bringing in fans and community leaders and incentivising and rewarding them to promote an event, Steetix’s online platform tracks and reports sales in real time. While Evans pointed out that he did not believe that Streetix would do away with hand-to-hand ticket selling altogether, he sees it as a valuable new tool to harness the potential of tracking and controlling sales channels.

Goodlife Festival Director Paul Barbaro is an early adopter and massive fan of the Streetix platform, and says its already making a world of difference.

“What Moshtix have managed to develop here is truly impressive and has made a massive difference to us, not only in terms of driving incremental sales, but creating a new, unique channel that connects simply and easily with a key part of our audience,” Mr Barbaro says.

“The viral and social marketing opportunities it offers have significantly broadened our reach and made our lives a hell of a lot easier, as well as those that use the platform.

“What’s also been outstanding is Moshtix’s ability and appetite to develop the platform to suit our needs. Having their development team here on the ground in Australia is terrific.”

According to Mr Evans, what it all comes down to is “harnessing the reach of ‘super-fans’ and enabling influencers to become brand ambassadors”, and with every other person on Facebook sharing some event or happening every other minute, the power of these ‘super-fans’ is sure to be a huge help to any event organisers or promoters looking to get a leg up.

Catch some shots of Streetix in action, below.

streetix moshtix supplied

streetix moshtix supplied 2

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