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Promoters Warn Bon Iver Fans Not To Buy Tickets Through Third Party Sites Where Cost Has Been Tripled

Dark Mofo and MONA FOMA promoters are taking aim at ticket scalpers, warning Bon Iver fans not to buy tickets through on-selling websites like Viagogo.

It comes after tickets to the sold out June shows reached nearly three times their original price. Dark Mofo’s Creative Director, Leigh Carmichael says, “It’s come to our attention that Dark Mofo Bon Iver tickets are for sale on the Viagogo website at a 257 percent markup.”

Tickets to the event were listed at $99 each. After selling out, the Bon Iver tickets were listed on on-selling platforms like Viagogo for more than $350 a pop.

“We strongly advise our audience not to buy tickets from Viagogo or any other third party. No tickets have been created or sent yet, they are sent three days before the performance. This is designed to thwart scalpers. All of our tickets have a unique barcode that can only be used once, and can be cancelled.”

Organisers are warning that if you buy your ticket through a third party platform like Viagogo, Gumtree, or eBay, they can’t guarantee it’ll be valid.

“Your best bet to get tickets to a sold out show is to join the waitlist on our website, which is powered by our official ticket resale platform for those who are no longer able to attend,” said Carmichael.

Brian Ritchie, Mona Foma Curator says, “Buyer Beware. The entertainment industry has always been full of slippery creatures exploiting artists, and now ticket on-sellers are manipulating the Wild Western frontier known as the internet to fleece the public.”

Ritchie says he wants ticket holders to get legitimate access to the festival and be able to afford food and drink on the day.

“The sooner event organisers, artists and the public join forces and use accurate information to put a stop to this spurious activity, the sooner we’ll all be having a fun and safe time together,” says Ritchie.

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