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MUM @ World Bar – Friday 4th June

Written by John Ritchie on June 1, 2010

It’s the first weekend of Winter and the best place to stay warm is with MUM and the nine bands playing this Friday at The World Bar.

They’ve upped the line up by one more band this week with five bands going at it in the back room and the usual four bands filling out the second level and the usual twice as many indie DJs as anywhere else.

Whats the occasion? This is the first week that the amazing Sydney based arts/music/culture blog THROWSHAPES.COM.AU is their presenting partner. The team at THROW SHAPES put together the line up with all of their expertise and this is what they came back with.

The Magnetic Heads top the bill for the night and will be sure to feature their most recent single ‘Blind’, a track that might trigger memories of Jarvis Cocker. Cameras also have a new single ‘June’ that is aptly named for its wintery sounds (check out the beautifully shot film clip for it online). Pluto Jonze is a name that works well with their music sounding very far away and distant and keeping things in the astronomy Paper Moon and their amazing vocalist Ryan Nicolussi will surely impress you early on.

But what about the fifth band? The new 2am resident for June?

The Shake Up are belting out tunes every Friday at 2am for the rest of June to wrap up their tour for the super catchy single ‘Everybody Loves It’ (definitely check out this film clip online and see MUM host Ash doing her thing). If you can’t dance to these guys then you should probably check your pulse.

Upstairs at MUM (no longer called MILF) Long Island Sound from Newcastle, not Long Island Sound the 2008 Northern Division Champions A`Capella group from Dix Hills, New York State, are playing prime time. You might know their awesome indieness before they changed their name from Wandering Bear. With a few single tours downstairs upstairs couldn’t miss out so Brisbanites Nikko are keeping things homely like an evening by the fire with their ‘The Warm Side’ album tour. The MILF name might of been dropped but its still all about new bands and low-fi sounds thats why New Pagans return to the intimate space and then Radio Star from Melbourne pull out their instantly fun tunes.

MUM presented by – Friday June 4.

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