Mumford & Sons Gear Stolen After Arriving In Australia

The first night after the first show of the super-anticipated Mumford & Son’s Australian Tour, and already every touring band’s nightmare has come true. While in town touring off their sophomore record Babel, the band has checked in from the road, announcing that gear has been stolen from their van.

The band took to Facebook to make the announcement, explaining that a selection of their equipment is now missing, including their very important monitoring devices, which will make it almost impossible for the band to hear themselves performing. Being the cool dudes that they are, they have made it clear that they will not be getting the police involved, but rather are putting it to the fans to see if they’ve heard anything – some good ol’ fashioned grass roots justice.

The gear went missing while they were in Perth performing the first of two sold-out shows locked in for the city – that’s a pretty good idea of how much we wanted them here, so why go and steal their gear! I’d imagine monitoring devices are in abundance in Australia, so don’t expect any shows to be called off and the tour is set to continue as per usual. But still…super dog move.

So here you go Perth readers, check out the post below and keep those eyes peeled.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show last night, we’re very happy to have kicked off this tour! Unfortunately, someone broke into our backstage and stole some pretty important things. Crucially – our monitoring devices so we can hear ourselves on stage. We’re not going to get the police involved, and we understand it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but the things are worthless to anyone else but us. If anyone wants to come forward or has any information please send a message to: [email protected] Peace!

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