Mumford & Sons Were In A ’90s Boy Band With Jimmy Kimmel, Sort-Of

Mumford & Sons have moved on from the banjos, entering a rockier phase of their career, but it turns out they also have a pop past that nobody knows about.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel revealed a documentary of his hidden history with Mumford & Sons as a ’90s boy band called Mumtown.

Their biggest hit was 1998’s Girl, I’m Saying It, Girl led by frontman Marcy Marcus (Marcus Mumford) and backed-up by Mum (Jimmy Kimmel). According to Mumford, Kimmel was called Mum because he “wasn’t allowed to sing.”

Kimmel ended up becoming the chief songwriter but things fell apart as his lyrics got worse and worse ending with the laughable I Am My Heart featuring the lyric, “My heart, down on its knees.”

If you do the math, you’ll realise that this is, of course, a joke. Marcus Mumford was actually only 11 in 1998 – far from being able to grow the sort of beard that he sports in the video.

Still, Mumford & Sons really have the whole boy band thing down-pat in the mockumentary and maybe if their run as an arena-selling rock band comes to an end, they could be successors to One Direction.

Mumford & Sons are bound for Australia in November with The Vaccines and Future Islands amongst other guest acts. Let’s hope they treat us to some old school Mumtown tracks while they’re in town.

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel and Mumford & Sons’ Boy Band

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