Watch Mumford & Sons Try To Impersonate Blink-182 In ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ Teaser

Mumford & Sons are the stars of a whacky new clip titled ‘Mumford & Sons vs. Blink-182’, which has been unveiled by Blink-182 as a teaser for their song Brohemian Rhapsody, off their recently released LP California

In the Brohemian Rhapsody teaser (below), Mumford & Sons get dressed up in old-school Blink-182 outfits, with Marcus Mumford and the boys donning very un-Mumford backwards caps, shorts, and long tube socks. They then proceed to jump around and jam to Brohemian Rhapsody in Blink’s dressing room.

Everything seems hunky dory until Mark Hoppus and the Blink boys walk into the room, and Hoppus exclaims, “What the f…,” before being cut off.

The clip was made in an effort to help promote Blink’s US Tour, which will run through to October.

The release of the teaser video comes not too long after Mark Hoppus revealed Blink want to tour Australia at some point in the not-too-distant future, and are looking at possibly investing a boat to get them here, complete with Travis Barker (who has a well-documented fear of flying).

Bask in the weirdness of ‘Mumford & Sons vs. Blink-182’, below.

Watch: Mumford & Sons vs Blink-182 – Brohemian Rhapsody

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