Muse Introduce New Web Application – ‘The Social Connectome’

Muse have always been one for innovation and doing different things – and this latest experiment in the build-up to the release of their new record next week is no exception.

They’ve launched a web application named The Social Connectome, which allows people to add themselves to a visual network of Muse fans and unlock a new song from their forthcoming The 2nd Law, which is out in Australia on Friday.

Making reference to the Human Connectome Project, Muse are attempting to map the journey and connections of every fan who joins the project, and using their activity to re-create the vast web of data that makes up their album cover image.

According to The Examiner, The Social Connectome allows people to add themselves to a 3-D visual network of Muse fans, build their own branch of friends and unlock an exclusive track from The 2nd Law.

As more and more fans join the network, incremental 30-second clips of the new track The 2nd Law: Isolated System will be revealed. Each branch is made up of unique recommendations, most of which will be made via Facebook and Twitter.

The Connectome can be moved in 3-D space, zoomed in, and will pulse to the music when the track is unlocked.

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