Muse Respond To Criticism Of “Lame” Two-Date Australian Tour

Muse have responded to criticism from fans who were disappointed with their announcement of a new two-date Australian tour for later this year.

Earlier today, the space rock trio announced only two headline shows (one in Sydney and one in Melbourne) for December 2017, leading some fans to vent their frustrations about the “lame” announcement on the Music Feeds Facebook page:

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Since the tour announcement, Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme has told Music Feeds reporter Zanda Wilson that the band “will get around more on future tours”.

“This year’s not a particularly heavy touring year for us,” he said.

“We’ve done a bit in the States and we’re just trying to get to some of the countries we didn’t get to on the Drones tour initially, but it was never really our intention to do a full year of touring.

“I guess sometimes it’s hard to go everywhere. We’d like to play in every city and every country all over the world on every album, but we’d never finish touring.

“It’s difficult to pick and choose really, and obviously other things come into play like venue availability.

“[The Australian tour] is also very close to Christmas as well, so unfortunately we’ve got kids to get back to. We’ll definitely come back and do a full extended tour at some point.”

Muse’s previous Australian tour took place in 2013 behind the release of their sixth album The 2nd Law, and included arena shows in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Music Feeds‘ full interview with Chris Wolstenholme is coming soon. Until then, check out the band’s scheduled Aussie shows right here, and a bunch of other tours we’re still waiting for, below.

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