Music Festivals Linked To Spread Of Measles In The UK, Aussies Take Heed

A new report has found an ungodly link between a recent measles outbreak in the UK and a series of music festivals held in the region that is surely just the beginning of the end.

234 cases of measles have been reported already this year, which is pretty messed up considering there had only been 54 reported cases in the first half of 2015. Of that, 36 – or 15% – were reported between June and July and were linked directly to a series of music festivals.

Secret Garden Party and Yeovil Show each had a manageable and not-totally gross individual case. Things start to get pretty seedy with Triplicity Music and Arts Festival which was connected to six cases and come Glastonbury, a skin-crawling 16 cases were linked.

The report urges young and care-free festival goers to play it safe if they aren’t feeling crash hot. “Measles is extremely infectious and events where people are mixing closely with each other provide the ideal place for the infection to spread.”

Let’s lay down some facts real quick: Measles lives in the nose and throat mucus and can therefore be spread by sneezing and other known activities that happen at festivals. So always know who you’re “sneezing” with.

Australian’s should also heed this warning, given the massive amount of us that make the pilgrimage to these events (and our known penchant for a cheeky “sneeze”). Not to mention the fact that we’re now aware of some other seedy shit living on with our festival memories.

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