Musos Set Racist Pauline Hanson Speech To Jazz, Hilarity Ensues

Pauline Hanson’s first-ever speech to the House Of Representatives has been given the treatment it deserves, being transformed into a hilariously awkward jazz number by two musos who have played some appropriately disjointed melodies over Hanson’s racist words.

Given in 1996, Hanson’s speech — which saw her call for the end of multiculturalism and say that Australia would be “swamped by Asians” — has been shared to Reddit with some jazzy new additions courtesy of Michael Tan from Perth band Village Kid and his pianist mate Bill Risby.

Tan and Risby, armed with a guitar, drums, a piano and a bass, have even added the chords to their video so that you can play along at home. Watch their A+ genius idea come to life and turn Hanson’s words into mush, below.

Watch: Pauline Hanson Sings Jazz

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