Genius Behind ‘Pauline Hanson Sings Jazz!’ Mashup Drops Rip-Snorting Sequel Feat. The Muppets

Prepare for stomach cramps because the lunatic genius behind viral YouTube sensation Pauline Hanson Sings Jazz!which transformed some of the One Nation leader’s most racially offensive comments into a toe-tapping musical spectacular, has blessed us with a LOLtastic sequel.

Part 2 sees everyone’s favourite boogie woogie burqa-banner back at the grand piano, scatting up a storm during her 2016 maiden speech to the Senate and this time she’s not alone.

Cool-cat Hanson is now accompanied by noneother than The Muppets (and by that we mean the actual Muppets of Sesame Street fame, not just — you know — politicians) who provide a rousing chorus of backing vox to compliment the Senator’s swingin’ Islamophobic freestyles.

The mad musical scientist behind the LOL machine-gun of a video clip AKA jazzmaster Michael Tan tells us that he felt a sequel was in order.

The response [to Part 1] was great, but it was mostly a niche following of musicians and people who remembered the 90s speech!” he explains to Music Feeds

“When I heard her second ‘maiden’ speech to Parliament, I thought it was too hilarious to pass up the opportunity. I was also hoping to create something more relevant to 2016-7, which seems to have worked: it’s just been shared by [Labor] Senator Dastyari!”

I sometimes forget that there are people who actually take Pauline seriously!” he continues. “I mean, she is so ridiculously obtuse, I feel it would be like picking low-hanging fruit to even engage her in discussion! So instead, I wanted to communicate how silly she sounds, using the best platforms available to me.. jazz music and video creation! I increasingly find that parody is the best way to respond to things like this.”

And thankfully, he doesn’t have plans to stop the satire train a-rollin’ any time soon.

I’ve had people asking me if there will be an album!!” he reveals. “But yes, we will continue the series the next time she says something absurd… I’m sure we won’t have to wait long!”

Get Pauline Hanson’s jazz all over your face in Tan’s latest comedy masterpiece below.

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