Good Lord, Looks Like My Chemical Romance May Be Releasing Two New Songs Real Soon

Yeah, look. You feel it. I feel it. We’re all collectively super bummed out about coronavirus forcing the cancellation of My Chemical Romance‘s long-anticipated return to Australian stages as part of Download Festival this month.

However, perhaps this might serve as something as a balm. According to some kind of emo equivalent of Nancy Drew, MCR could have a pair of new tunes on the way.

Over on Reddit, a sleuthy fan with the username TehSkull has noted that Gerard Way recently registered two songs – one titled ‘Emily’ and another titled ‘Still Alive’ – on BMI Repertoire, a website which musicians use to register the songs they’ve written or are getting credit for. You can see Way’s listing page here.

A rough mix of a song called ‘Emily’ appeared on the 10-year anniversary reissue of The Black Parade in 2016, but we’ve yet to hear ‘Still Alive’ in any format. According to another Redditor, heymattrick, the latter track may refer to a song recorded during the band’s Conventional Weapons sessions but never released as the band scrapped the project to record fourth studio album Danger Days.

If this does indeed indicate that new music from MCR is on the way, it would mark the first new music from the band since reuniting. The last complete, studio single we heard from Gerard and co. was 2014’s ‘Fake Your Death’, which was included as part of the band’s greatest hits compilation May Death Never Stop You.

Of course, it could just be the case that Gerard is registering his credits for some old songs, but holy hell, fingers crossed that it’s the alternative. Listen to the rough mix of ‘Emily’ from The Black Parade reissue below.

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