My Chemical Romance’s Gerard And Mikey Comment On Split – “We Were Spectacular”

Following the news of the My Chemical Romance split over the weekend, brothers and founding members Gerard and Mikey Way have both released separate statements, one considerably longer than the other, explaining in detail what went down, and what didn’t.

We’ll start with Mikey, Gerard’s younger brother and long-term guitarist of the band. Mikey took to Twitter to thank his fans for 12 very successful years, following up with another that cleared the air over allegations his relationship was the cause of the split:

“For the record, my relationship has absolutely nothing to do with what just happened. They are completely seperate (sic)”

Now, Gerard had a bit more to say on the topic which makes sense given his status as (now former) vocalist. Gerard delves deep into his current mindset following the announcement of the break-up, something he is still coming to terms with, but shows nothing but confidence in what the band has achieved since 2001:

“We were spectacular… Every show I knew this, every show I felt it with or without external confirmation. There were some clunkers, sometimes our secondhand gear broke, sometimes I had no voice- we were still great. It is this belief that made us who we were, but also many other things, all of them vital- And all of the things that made us great were the very things that were going to end us.”

Fans will very much enjoy the statement, as heartbreaking and gargantuan as it may be, as Gerard explains in a play-by-play format the exact moments leading up to the split, which, as it turns out, happened following a performance.

“I began to move faster, more frantic, reckless- trying to shake it off- but all it began to create was silence. The amps, the cheers, all began to fade. All that what left was the voice inside, and I could hear it clearly. It didn’t have to yell- it whispered, and said to me briefly, plainly, and kindly- what it had to say. What it said is between me and the voice.”

He goes on to comment that the months that followed were “full of suffering”, and after hitting new lows the voice returned and this time he listened:

“With honor, integrity, closure, and on no one’s terms but our own- the door closes.”

You can read the full letter here.

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