My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Contributing To Kids TV Show While Working On New Material

By the sounds of things, Gerard Way hasn’t had much sleep since announcing the split of his long standing project My Chemical Romance. In a recent interview, the vocalist has explained that the creative juices have been flowing non-stop and his first new offering will take the form of a soon-to-be-released episode of The Aquabats! Super Show!

Aquabats is like one of those kids shows you think were made for adults on acid. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that it was created by Yo Gabba Gabba! main man Christian Jacobs. As it turns out, Jacobs was a big fan of Way and with a young daughter, Way was familiar with Jacobs’ work. A few phone calls later, Way was signed up to not just contribute music for the show, but also direct a full episode himself.

Set to air Saturday, 1st June, the episode will also feature Way’s brother and fellow band My Chem mate Mikey. Gerard spoke very highly of his experience with the program, recalling the instant bromance between himself and Jacobs:

“We hit it off right away…We started collaborating immediately without realizing we were doing it. He would have an idea that would give me an idea to draw something, and then I’d send him the drawing. We kept giving each other ideas, and as soon as we got on the set it was easy. Christian’s a great director and a great leader. Everybody really loved working with him on set and took his direction super-well because he communicated well.”

When he wasn’t busy with his directing duties, Way penned lyrics to an acoustic Jewel-esque track which didn’t go down so well with the network execs. “The lyrics originally went, ‘Everybody needs somebody touching someone somewhere,’ but we had to change that,” Way said. “I did it pretty naively and Christian was cool with it, but we brought it to the network and they said, ‘Yeah… Um, I don’t know about touching.’ So we changed it to ‘hugging.'”

Fans will be pleased to know that Way is also hard at it working on his own material. Dedicating almost every waking hour to jamming, contrary to talk of him stepping back from music. “I’m definitely not taking a break,” he explained. “I’m usually up until a minimum of 2am writing music and I’m up at about 7am with my daughter. So I’m sleeping four to five hours a night and I work from the minute I’m up after I drop her at school until I go to bed.”

While he refuses to detail the music he’s working on, Way does state that it won’t be a solo project, however he’s in no rush to sign up for another band. But for now, Way seems pretty comfortable just seeing what the universe has planned for him:

“I’m just having experiences. I’m playing tons of instruments, constantly writing music, and I guess I’m putting myself out there and not pushing anything away. The only way I can describe it is I don’t know who I was before I started My Chem. I know that answers nothing, but that’s the point. I’m just exploring and seeing what happens.”

(Via Yahoo! Music)

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