Mystery Jets Bassist Kai Fish Quits The Band

Some sad news for fans of UK indie darlings the Mystery Jets as Kai Fish announces his departure from the band. The news came amidst a trip to Austin, Texas where the band were recording and performing. In an interview with NME, members from the band discuss their reaction to the news, with guitarist Will Rees saying, ‘I had a massive row with my girlfriend and went to bed. I woke up, read the message, and it put everything into perspective. I forgot the argument, and my hangover. I just thought, shit.’

Fish goes on in the interview to explain a number of reasons behind his decision, including ending a six-year relationship, getting married, and becoming a first-time dad. Not to mention his solo work, which resulted in him releasing an album Monochrome in 2011. Fish has also confirmed that he will be seeking out new projects but may not release anymore work under his own name. He officially leaves the band when they return to the UK.

Mystery Jets are due to release their fourth studio album Radlands on April 30.

Update: Mystery Jets have issued a statement from their facebook page:

A huge thank you to those who’ve come to the shows. From Leeds to Hartlepool, Carlisle to Edinburgh and then Newcastle onto Hull, its great to experience that familiar warmth and enthusiasm that you all bring to the concerts. We’ve just about played every new song off of Radlands, and they’re taking there place amongst the older numbers very comfortably. Theres nothing like playing new songs for the first time in tiny little clubs and watering holes, its as exciting as it is frightening! You may have noticed the addition of two new members to the Jets show, Mr Matt Parks on the pedal steel and Peter Cochrane on the bass guitar, yes, the bass guitar…Since the beginning of the year Kai has decided to go separate ways from the band, focusing his time and energy on raising his beautiful baby girl Odessa and writing music for solo and collaborative projects. The departure has been an emotional one for all of us involved but also a very amicable one, Brother Fish will always be a best of friend and a Mystery Jet. This ending has bought in its wake a new beginning too, a new line up, a new era, and we are all thrilled with how Radlands has been shaping up when played loud in tiny clubs. Below is a photo of us shooting one of the videos for Someone Purer, we snuck into a working quarry in the Scottish wilderness singing “Give me rock and roll….” as we went. I look forward to seeing your faces down the front, LOVE WILLIAM.X

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