Navigate Lockout Laws Like A Pro With This New Aussie App ‘Lockey’

A new mobile app called Lockey has just been released, to help you keep the good times rolling amid Sydney’s controversial lockout laws.

The app aims to make going out in a lockout-restricted Sydney easier, by showing you what’s open around you, and for how long. It uses your location to show you what’s still open, and can also tell you how long it’s going to take you to get there via foot or car.

In addition to that, Lockey will message you throughout the night telling you when lockout time is looming, and suggests places which aren’t affected by lockouts once it hits 1:30am.

Speaking to Music Feeds, Lockey creator and tech entrepreneur Alex Tassone says the app was sparked by “the personal experience of not being able to find a proper solution to the lockouts”.

Tassone says he was further motivated when venues like Hugos in Kings Cross began to shut down, because, “It really dawned on me that the industry as a whole is actually being negatively impacted.”

Through Lockey, Tassone wants to answer questions like, ‘What’s on around me that’s still open and won’t shut?’ and ‘Should I head out tonight when I’m unsure about closing times or even what’s open?’

“I want to bring confidence back into the people of Sydney in respect to their nightlife choices. Get people back out of their homes and into the small bars and clubs that our community has been working so hard to build,” he says.

Through researching for Lockey, Tassone has found a number of buzzing spaces which are unrestricted by lockouts, but he also wants to give every venue in Sydney exposure through the app.

“There are so many fantastic places around Sydney that should be on the radar for locals and even tourists,” he says.

Further down the track, using Lockey will give punters the chance to earn ‘gig dollars’. Basically, if you get friends to sign up and use the app, you’ll receive these ‘gig dollars’, which can go towards concert tickets.

The app is also looking to go nation-wide to cover other cities around the country (like Brisbane) which have lockout laws in place.

Catch some screenshots of Lockey in action below, and download the app for free for iOS here. An Android version is coming soon.

Lockey App Screenshots (Click to expand)

lockey screenshot Map-With-Time-Stamps

lockey screenshot The-Search-Function

lockey screenshot Venue-Details-Popup

Images: Supplied

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