Neck Deep Show Cancelled After A Fight With Security

Welsh band Neck Deep were forced to cancel their show in Nottingham after a brawl erupted between the crowd, the band and security.

Fan-captured footage shows a fight breaking out between the crowd and the security. The band then seems to come to the crowd’s defence.

A fan who was at the show has shared her version of events on Twitter saying that security “slammed down” a crowd-surfer and the band members jumped to the fans defence.

Bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans then was allegedly pulled off stage and the rest of the band followed him.

Later on frontman Ben Barlow returned to the stage and told the crowd, “show’s fucking over. Security fucked it. There was a fight. Show’s over,” before dropping the mic.

He later met fans after the show was called off and told them, “I never ever ever wanna call a show…really fucking sorry. That’s all I can say is sorry from the bottom of my heart.”

The band are yet to make a statement about the events.

Check out the footage and the fan-account of events below.

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