Netflix Has Just Given A Release Date For What Is Likely That Beyoncé Documentary

Remember how we said that it was being reported that Beyoncé might have a documentary coming out with Netflix about her groundbreaking Coachella performance? Well, Netflix has given a release date for…something and it is almost definitely that.

Taking to social media, Netflix teased a yellow image with the word ‘HOMECOMING’ written in collegiate-style font, with the date ‘April 17th.’

Now, to the untrained eye, this means nothing. But to the members of the Beyhive, this is very obviously something to do with the Queen. First of all, those who watched her record-breaking performance at the festival last year know that it had a strong, college theme.

Secondly, the word ‘homecoming’ has strong ties to Bey as well. Last year, she launched the ‘Homecoming Scholars Award Program’. ‘Homecoming’ is also the name of the merch collection she released with clothing inspired by her performance.

Thirdly, the colour and font in the image matches what Beyoncé wore during the first run of Coachella slot perfectly.

Yep, this is surely about Beyoncé. While her nor Netflix have given literally any details about the project, this isn’t the first time she’s done things in secret. She hasn’t given prior warning before releasing an album since 2013, and 2016’s Lemonade was released following a HBO special of the same name.

Either way, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled come April 17th.


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