New Deftones Album In October

Californian rockers Deftones have announced that their next instalment will be dropping in October. The band have made swift work of their recent albums, producing three releases over three years (however, their last release, Covers, was an album that consisted entirely of, well, covers).

Speaking to, Deftones singer, Chino Moreno, told the website that “we adopted a work ethic that was really productive on the last record. We said we were going to work eight hours a day, and since we had those hours, everybody in there was super focused. Before that we had been working up in Sacramento, and the vibe was everybody would come in and hang out and we would work when we got around to it. We had to get more efficient.”

Moreno continued: “obviously we’re an aggressive band – not the heaviest, but there’s a lot of attack. But there’s also this lush beauty that flows within everything we do, and that’s my favorite part of the band. To me, it’s the epitome of what the Deftones do.”

The band are currently in the mixing phase of their album, which is as yet untitled, and hope to have it out this October (rumours say October 9). An October release puts the band in a prime slot for a position on either Big Day Out or Soundwave’s 2013 billing, one that will be rich with competition.

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