New Found Glory Accuse One Direction Of Stealing Their Riff

American alt rock act New Found Glory have called out boy band One Direction for ripping-off the piano part from NFG’s ’06 single It’s Not Your Fault for their new single Steal My Girl. NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert took to Twitter to sarcastically give big-ups to 1D for their thievery and inquire to his slice of the profits.

“Props to the @onedirection “steal my girl” single for reworking the “it’s not your fault” piano part into a top 40 single. Let me get a cut.” requested Gilbert.

1D are yet to respond or refute the Gilbert’s claim of plagiarism, who wasn’t the only one to notice the striking similarities between the two songs. Paramore singer Hayley Williams also recognised the piano part as originally being of NFG. “Beginning of that new 1D song couldn’t sound any more like the beginning of @newfoundglory’s “its not your fault””.

There have also been comparisons drawn between Steal My Girl and classic American rock band Journey’s 1983 single Faithfully. Although, as has been astutely observed in the YouTube comments section, “Journey’s song goes ‘up down up down’, whereas Steal My Girl goes, ‘up down down up down down’.” Case closed, then, we guess.

1D are no strangers to being at the pointy end of the finger when it comes to hijacking other artists’ material. In April the group was blamed for stealing from J Awarding-winning act Clubfeet for their clip You & I, and last year got totalled for taking from rock n’ roll greats The Who for their smash hit Best Song Ever.

You can compare for yourself thanks to this nifty clip playing the two songs side-by-side and then on-top of each other. We also stuck Journey in there for arguments sake.

Listen: One Direction V. New Found Glory

Watch: Journey – Faithfully

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