New Found Glory And Steve Klein’s Lawyer Comment On Sex Crime Charges

Music Feeds reported this morning that ex-New Found Glory guitarist, Steve Klein, was arraigned in California on a number of felonies, including lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14 and possession of child pornography. Klein’s former band and his attorney have now issued statements.

It’s been revealed that the arraignment occurred on 12th December 2013, the same day the Florida band announced via their Facebook page that they had parted ways with their guitarist. New Found Glory have confirmed today they announced the split immediately after finding out about the impending charges, just days after they were in the country for Warped Tour Australia 2013.

“Upon our return from Warped Tour Australia, Steve made us aware of possible allegations that might be made against him,” explain the band in their statement. “At that point, not knowing all the details, we made the decision to part ways in order for him to deal with these personal issues.”

“Us 4 members of New Found Glory have given our entire lives to this band and will continue to do so,” they continue. “We’ve been able to play all over the world for the most amazing fans. We can’t wait to get in the studio to make a new album and we can’t wait to get back on the road!”

“Thank you so much to everyone around the globe for always sticking by us. The future is bright,” they conclude. Klein’s attorney, Debra S White, has also issued a statement in the hopes of clearing up some of the facts about the case, in light of the media storm that is presently surrounding it.

While White says she is limited by law as to what can be said about a case to the public, she writes that “since [Klein’s] case has now been brought into issue by the media,” she is “permitted to make a few statements,” adding “I offer you the following indisputable facts about the accusations…”

According to White, the guitarist has not been “accused of having any lewd actual physical contact with any minor.” The charges, she writes, stem from “online consensual video chats between Steve and some female strangers he met on an adult website,” whom he believed to be of legal age.

“The females alleged to be ‘minors’ in this case are not known females,” White continues, explaining that the identities and actual ages of the females involved in the online video chats with Klein are not presently known to anyone, “not the prosecution, not the police, and not the defense.”

“The possession of child pornography charge is based solely on Steve allegedly ‘possessing’ the videos of chats with the female strangers from the adult website,” White offers, before writing that, from her years of experience, she “wholeheartedly believe[s]” that Klein is innocent of all charges.

“Steve is devastated by these accusations. He has lost his band, his livelihood, and his ex-wife continues to push for full custody of his children using this case as her pawn while he literally fights for his life. Despite this heavy hand, Steve remains strong and hopeful that he will be vindicated.”

(Via Under The Gun Review)

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