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New Grassroots Art Project to Push for Radical Social Change

Written by Lauren Carroll Harris on June 2, 2010

A new Sydney-based arts project is inviting artists to submit work that investigates a radical perspective.

The inaugural Live Red Art Awards will culminate in a festival and exhibition at Addison Road Community Centre in October 17, 2010, and focus on interactive, multidisciplinary art that excites, engages and inspires audiences to imagine a dramatically different world. An award of $3000 will be granted to the artist who’s work best sums up the project’s theme ‘Another world is possible, but we must fight for it’, alongside a people’s choice award of $500.

We’re challenging artists to put all of their skills and talents to the cause of creating social change. Artists have always been at the forefront of speaking out against injustice – what Live Red Art Awards hopes to do is profile contemporary Australian artists who are vocalising their support for social justice.

Live Red Art is all about engaging a whole new layer of people with the art world – people who might usually find contemporary art a bit alienating or confusing. We want to say, ‘art can be engaging and accessible and it can relate to the real world’. Art doesn’t have to be relegated to whitewashed walls of hushed galleries. That’s why our focus is on interactive, multidisciplinary art – performance art, street theatre, anything that busts through the boundaries and really prompts audiences to think.

What’s more, we want to use art to inspire people to imagine and create a world without racism, war, poverty, environmental destruction, homophobia and sexism.

Live Red Art Awards promises to be a fearless, inspiring convergence of all those who are interested in the collision of social change and jaw-dropping art.

Submissions are open to everyone and for all art-making areas – from sound art, drawing, painting, documentary photography, time-based art, installation and textiles. Stay tuned for more info about the festival – we’ve got stacks planned – live music, art performances, and a zine fair. We’re also seeking the support of like-minded organisations and collectives to get involved with this new project.

For further information, or to make a submission go to

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