New Radiohead Album May Drop Any Day Now After Band Launch New Company

Radiohead fans the world over are on tender hooks today after news the band launched a new company suggests they are preparing to release new material very soon.

It was these very fans whose keen eyed vigilance discovered the band’s business maneuvering, digging up this record of the company and it’s five famous officers. Called Dawn Chorus LLC, it seems to be a holding company set up surrounding the LP’s forthcoming release.

This is all business as usual for Thom and the boys though, the band having set up similar companies ahead of the release of their last two albums. In July 2007 the boys got together and formed Xurbia Xendless Ltd before releasing In Rainbows in October, while in December 2010 Ticker Tape Ltd was put together for the release of The King Of Limbs in February 2011. That’s right, even Radiohead exploit corporate restructuring.

While Radiohead have yet to make any comment, Dawn Chorus was mentioned by Thom in an interview in 2009, the singer saying it was the name of track he was working on. And while no such track turned up on The King Of Limbs, considering their previous habit of choosing under the radar names for their holding companies I’d be surprised if we were finally seeing it on this album.

With Jonny Greenwood recently confirming that “lots has been recorded” for the album though, there is sure to be plenty to keep fans happy. Add to this the fact that Greewood also suggested that the band were hoping to take the album out on the road in 2016, fans will have to sit on a slow simmer until we hear more.

Still, if you literally cannot contain your organs from exploding out your mouth in excitement at some new Radiohead tunes, you can always have a listen to their recently rejected Bond theme for Spectre, which the boys put out for free and which blows Sam Smith‘s Writing On The Wall out of the water.

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