New Site The Holding Pattern Give Music Back To Musicians

Launched on January 18, 2012, The Holding Pattern may prove to be a pivotal turning point for unsigned artists.

This new online record store caters to independent musicians; allowing them to digitally sell their work while also collecting licensing revenue and, perhaps most importantly, retaining control over the destiny of their music.

Managing Director Nick Arnold constructed the site from a unified peer frustration of artists and musicians not being appropriately compensated for the work they create. Serving as a conduit between band and fan, The Holding Pattern aims to expose the magnitude of ‘undiscovered’ music. Now unsigned artists have a platform between selling CDs at live shows and uploading their music for free. An artist who chooses to sell their work via The Holding Pattern will have access to licensing revenue and get a majority cut of sales: 80 percent.

The fact that musicians will have full control over how their work is released and sold should see a significant influx of independent artists taking advantage of the site. The Holding Pattern believes a movement is evolving, and will be releasing news as the site continues to grow.

The Hold Pattern, the future of independent music?

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