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Darvid Thor Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Changing Shape’

Melbourne independent artist Darvid Thor has recently released his latest single ‘Changing Shape’ on April 11th, accompanied by a catchy music video directed by Darvid himself alongside his label mate Lewis Coleman.

The song delves into the fluid nature of memories and the evolving sense of identity that comes with them. Darvid Thor and his friends have created a ballad that resonates with tenderness and emotional depth. Hudson Whitlock’s complex drum patterns and Lewis Coleman’s rich bass lines make Darvid’s vocals traverse past and present, reflecting the elasticity of our experiences.

The song’s instrumentation ranges from soft acoustic notes to billowing electric blankets and mirrors. . the complexity of self-discovery and the countless possibilities that open up when approached with love and curiosity

Darvid Thor – ‘Changing Shape’

Through his music, Darvid encourages listeners to stop, reflect and embrace the transformative power of introspection.’The Changing Shape; is not only a testament to Darvid’s musical talent but also his commitment to community and collaboration.

Having previously recorded and produced his debut album himself, Darvid sought to deepen his work by involving friends and artists in his work.

Darvid Thor’s contribution to the Melbourne music scene extends beyond his solo projects to include his involvement with bands such as The Cactus Channel and his commitment to promoting emerging talent through Beloved Recordings and Frolle Music Library.

As “Changing Shape” leaves its mark on the indie music landscape, Darvid Thor cements his position as a key figure in Naarm’s contemporary indie scene.

“Changing Shape” is available now via Beloved Recordings you can stream the new single here. Fans can also catch Darvid Thor’s live at the “Changing Shape” single launch at Shotkickers in Thornbury with Sunny Morris.

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