New Smashing Pumpkins Song – ‘A Stitch In Time’

Things have been pretty quiet in the Smashing Pumpkins camp as of late, since the release of the second track from their epic Teargarden by Kaleidyscope in January, but now we’ve got our hands on the latest offering. It’s called A Stitch In Time, and you can listen to it below:

Rolling Stone have labelled the song a ‘stoned minstrel folk track’, which is pretty appropriate. They’ve also quoted Billy Corgan’s take on the track, pulled from a Q&A he sent out to media upon the tracks release:

“The song came in during a stream of consciousness moment while sitting backstage at a Pumpkins concert in those wee, still hours between soundcheck and the show. The lyrics came just as surprisingly fast as the music, and the whole process took about 20 minutes. I recorded it on my phone, and so for a year it was the only document I had of the song. But the song stuck with me and I put it in my back pocket as something worth coming back to later.”

Corgan calls the track a protest song, “What I am protesting I’m not sure but it has something to do with real inner freedom and the consequence of what it means to be free.”

A fourth song, ‘Astral Planes’, will round out the first EP to be released from Teargarden, with ten more to come in the following months (and probably years at this rate…)

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