The New Trailer For Baz Luhrmann’s Musical Netflix Show ‘The Get Down’ Is Very, Very Good

Judging by the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming hip hop-infused drama series The Get Down, Australia’s own Baz Luhrmann might be about to pull off a legitimately successful TV drama based around the music industry (CC: Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger).

Built around the volatile socioeconomic make-up of New York City in the ’70s, The Get Down‘s narrative works alongside a portrayal of the origins and meteoric rise of hip hop and disco. Upon announcement of the show, we were gifted with a trailer that set the tone and aesthetic of the series, but the second trailer (below) gives us a lot more to sink our teeth into.

The new clip spends even more time developing the show’s characters, adding even more complexities to what is sure to be a heavily charged plot arch. Crime, drugs, religion, the law — all of these will be heavily influencing our protagonist as he attempts to navigate his way through his late teens.

Aside from hip hop, The Get Down will also document the final days of disco, as they went down during the lives of a small group of youths from the South Bronx.

NAS has been accredited executive producer on the show, alongside associate producer Grandmaster Flash. The programme was also watched over carefully by hip hop historian and supervising producer Nelson George.

You can watch The Get Down‘s new main trailer below, and see for yourself that Baz Luhrmann and The Get Down might just be the first genuine, accurate and enjoyable TV series based on music since, well, Metalocalypse?

The Get Down will be at home on Netflix with the first episodes expected to drop on Friday, 12th August. Prepare to binge.

Watch: The Get Down – Main Trailer

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