New Zealand’s PM Just Gifted Prince Harry A Shapeshifter CD

In perhaps one of the most strangely patriotic gifts of all time, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern has gifted Prince Harry a copy of Shapeshifter’s 2009 album The System Is A Vampire.

Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle both touched down in New Zealand yesterday arvo, after a highly publicised tour of Australia, and to thank them for their trip – as reported by NZ Herald – Ardern gave them some New Zealand-made gifts: the aforementioned Shapeshifter album for Harry and a pair of earrings by New Zealand brand Boh Runga (not to be confused with New Zealand artist, Bic Runga).

She apparently opted for The System Is A Vampire because it features the song ‘Dutchies’ which is also the song the nation’s rugby team, the All Blacks, enters the field to.

In response to the story, Shapeshifter took to Facebook to say ‘big ups Harry’.

As for the band, they literally finished an Australian tour days ago but spoke to Music Feeds about impending new music.

“What we’re doing at the moment is we’re just writing songs for the sake of writing songs and collecting them up and getting a good strong base and then eventually an EP or an album will come out,” P Digsss told us. “We’re gonna release something pretty soon – hopefully a single by the end of the year.”

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