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Nick Cave And Thåström To Serve As Focus Of New Animated Series

Aussie music icon Nick Cave is set to be depicted alongside Swedish rock legend Thåström as part of an upcoming animated series, Before They Were Gods.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the new series is the brainchild of award-winning Swedish director/writer Måns Mårlind (Midnight SunThe Bridge), and depicts (but doesn’t feature the voice talents of) the two artists as beer-drinking 14-year-olds.

“This is a dream project that literally came to me in a dream,” Mårlind explains of the series. “While asleep, I watched two of my musical heroes as young teenagers, drinking cheap beer while discussing love and the meaning of life. I woke up writing and have been trying to catch up with them ever since.”

While Nick Cave is often regarded as one of the finest musicians ever to come out of Australia, so too does the sentiment ring true in Sweden for Thåström, who founded the influential Stockholm punk outfit Ebba Grön in 1977.

“Since I was never in Sweden in 1971 and haven’t ever met Thåström, I am obviously intrigued to find out what we never did,” Cave shared in a statement. “I always wanted to be a cartoon hero,” added Thåström.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the new series takes place in an alternate world in which the two musicians appear as pre-fame 14-year-olds. Described as “a story of friendship”, Before They Were Gods sees the two on the search for “the ultimate truth, everlasting beauty, and cheap wine”.

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