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Nick Cave Reveals Plans To Make A New Bad Seeds Album In 2023

Nick Cave has announced his hopes to spend 2023 making a new album with The Bad Seeds. Cave shared the news on his Red Hand Files website in response to a question about his plans for the new year.

“My plan for this year is to make a new record with the Bad Seeds. This is both good news and bad news,” he wrote. “Good news because who doesn’t want a new Bad Seeds record? Bad news because I’ve got to write the bloody thing.”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Spinning Song’

Cave explained that he started the writing process at 9am on Sunday, 1st January, and spent the ensuing week somewhat disillusioned with the preliminary stages of writing.

“It’s the same with every record, I feel that familiar feeling of lack, like Im a big, dumb blank thing in a suit,” he wrote. “Im grumpy as fuck and Susie has decamped for a week.

“Anything that resembles a creative impulse is burrowed way down in some mossy, froggy hole, asleep, I hope, not dead. I have to call it forth, provoke it from its slumber,” he added. “It becomes a nasty, punishing, baggy-eyed business. Im starting to get an infuriating sing-song voice in my head that actually rhymes, like a madness. Like sadness.”

It’s been more than three years since the release of Ghosteen, the 17th album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. At the time of its release, Cave described Ghosteen as the final part in a trilogy of albums that began with 2013’s Push The Sky Away and 2016’s Skeleton Tree.

Cave released Carnage in 2021, a collaborative record with his creative accomplice Warren Ellis. In November, the pair returned to Australia for a local tour in support of the album.

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