Nickelback Throw Shade At Royal Blood After Half-Baked Nickelback Diss

In a rare public display, one of the most joked about bands of all time, Nickelback, have emerged from their castles to throw shade at a half-baked diss which was sent to them by UK duo Royal Blood on Twitter.

It all started when Royal Blood dusted off the ol’ ‘everyone hates Nickelback’ theme, taking to Twitter and posting a simple equation which suggested that when combines, Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump equate to, well, Nickelback. While we see what they’re trying to say, it’s a long bow to draw, even from the best angles.

Nickelback were straight on the case, firing back a brutal takedown which, unfortunately for Royal Blood, was both timely and accurate. The response read “Nickelback jokes are like Royal Blood, they were a lot cooler a couple years ago.”

Oooft. Someone better call the burns unit, two emergency patients on the way.

Needless to say, Royal Blood kept their mouths shut after the exchange, having come off second best so very publicly. However, some Nickelback fans were quick to voice their rage at Royal Blood, taking to social media to share their thoughts, which you can delve right into, below.

Nickelback have previously been the butt of a joke from Queensland Police, however they weren’t too happy with that one either, apparently.

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