Polish Club Have Beef With Royal Blood, After Supporting Their Aussie Tour

Aussie rockers Polish Club have revealed they’ve got a bit of beef with English duo Royal Blood, after supporting the pair on their latest Australian tour.

Speaking on London’s FUBAR Radio this week, Polish Club frontman Novak and drummer John-Henry dished on their not-so-great experiences with Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher.

“We didn’t meet them in the entire tour, they didn’t bother to say hi,” Novak said. “It was unbelievable.”

John-Henry said he “made eye contact” with one of the Royal Blood boys, but a security guard supposedly told him to “fuck off”.

“They pushed me up against the wall, so he could walk on stage,” he said.

“It’s fine, they’re just douchebags, it doesn’t matter,” Novak added, before admitting, “I’ve just been wanting to start a beef with someone” and claiming Royal Blood probably “couldn’t give a shit” who Polish Club are anyway.

Novak also said he was “super curious” to see what equipment Royal Blood used on tour, but was dismayed by what he saw.

“That bastard has like a literal stack of about 10 pedal boards. And I’m like, ‘Nup, it’s not worth it… that’s so much gear,'” he said.

“The Royal Blood guy… he plays bass, and he had like 12 basses on tour… and they were kinda identical,” added John-Henry.

Royal Blood are yet to respond to Polish Club’s comments, which were brutally honest but generally well-meaning.

Polish Club will embark on a national tour behind their latest single ‘Clarity’ this November, and we’re pretty sure Royal Blood won’t be invited.

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