Nicki Minaj Refused Entry At Own Album Launch Party

Even Nicki Minaj doesn’t like Nicki Minaj, or so it would seem, after the buzz artist was refused entry into her own album launch party. Minaj hit a brick wall when she tried to enter the nightclub, only to find out she was not welcome.

The party, which was going off in New York City’s Greenhouse Nightclub this past Tuesday, was held in celebration (for some reason) of the release of Minaj’s latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up. But when the 29-year-old rocked up, she was told that the venue was at capacity, an all too human sting felt by the hyped up rapper, or whatever she is, who had no option but to leave.

But hey, we can’t judge – happens to the best of us. But just as an FYI, here’s where you went wrong, Mrs. Minaj. According to sources, Minaj rocked up to the venue at around 3:30am. First problem. That’s bed time. Secondly, its been said that she also rocked up with an entourage of 25 or so people. Second problem. Regardless of how full a small nightclub might be, an extra 30 people is sure to ruin the vibe.

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