NME: Australian Music Scene “Easily The Most Exciting In The World”

Well, well, well, what do we have here? One of the biggest international tastemarkers and entertainment media hubs telling the world that, musically, Australia is totally where it’s at? Yep.

If I may draw your attention to a recent article posted on NME, Matt Wilkinson has looked at the facts at hand and discovered that despite our geographical positioning, Australia is in fact on top of the world. This revelation has come after NME handed Album of the Year to our very own Tame Impala for their universally praised album Lonerism.

This marked the first time in 38 years that an Aussie group have taken the much-converted award. This milestone, as well as the current hype surrounding our other musical exports, has put no doubt in the mind of NME that the “scene in Oz right now is easily the most exciting in the world”.

I know what you’re thinking, surely a city such as New York, London, or California even, would have more claim to the title, given their connection with seminal music over the decades. However, according to the article, “Hip hop aside, New York is still pretty dead” with a scene “thriving’ to the Tamla beat of a million shit Strokes rip-off bands”.

London is currently in a good spot with a recent resurgence of high-ranking artists circa 2002, but “crucially the city still isn’t quite there yet – those acts all need to deliver in 2013” for London to reclaim their crown.

Given the sway that NME holds on the international scene, it’s only a matter of time now before others (blogs/webzines/tastemakers/people who fuss over such things) follow suit and shift their gaze Down Under. Then we shall see who has the last laugh!

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