No Doubt: “We’re Planning On Coming Back (To Australia)”

After looking like it was a sure thing that No Doubt would be included in next year’s Soundwave Festival, fans’ hopes were spectacularly shattered when it was confirmed that the band would not be making it down. However, said fans can breath a little bit easier tonight.

During a recent interview with Music Feeds, the band’s long-term drummer Adrian Young, aka the dude with the Mohawk, confirmed that Australia will not be missing out (like we are oh so accustomed to) on this particular reunion tour.

Young stated: “We’re planning on coming back… Now that the record is done, we’re going to tour through the US next, that will be summer for you guys, then we will be heading overseas.” This would suggest that the band will be in town hopefully sometime around our winter. It would also suggest that we would be next in line after Europe, but hey, still nothing to complain about.

The band clearly have fond memories of our land, with Young also adding, “It’s a great place to party, from my memory”, which is funny, and true.

You can read the whole interview right here.

Earlier this year, Soundwave boss AJ Maddah was looking good to book the band for Soundwave, though after weeks of speculation the band was ruled out with Maddah claiming, ‘We did try”.

The band’s first album since 2001’s Rock Steady was released September 21. Be sure to get your hands on Push and Shove; it’s time to start learning all the words.

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