No, Taylor Swift Probs Isn’t Being Transported By Suitcase From Her Apartment

Photos of Taylor Swift supposedly being carried out of her New York apartment in a large suitcase have caught the internet’s attention, but it’s pretty clear that the ‘Bad Blood’ singer probably isn’t pulling an Adele.

Yesterday, Slash News shared photos of the alleged Swift mobile suitcase, which was moved from her apartment into the trunk of a car, supposedly with a number of Swift’s security guards present.

Slash News alleged that Swift was being moved via suitcase to avoid unwanted media attention, but has since retracted its story after speaking with Swift’s management.

A representative from Slash has told Spin that the photographer who captured the suitcase photos was “not really a regular photographer that we use”, and had made the claim about Swift being inside the suitcase without verifying it.

“The report stated it as a fact, which we actually don’t know,” the representative said. “How could we?”

Despite the backdown from Slash, the internet still had a heap of fun with the possibility of a Swifty suitcase, including Father John Misty…

This isn’t the first time Swift’s fans have suggested that she could be travelling by suitcase. In May, celebrity pundit Perez Hilton wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “Fans are theorizing that she’s been sneaking in and out of her NYC apartment IN THIS BOX!!! Stealth!”

Sadly, though, it’s all just a bit of fun and that suitcase is probably filled with a whole lot of Blank Space.

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