Northlane And In Hearts Wake Drop Equinox Tour Doco

From seriously chill moments backstage, to the dizzying heights of centre stage, Northlane and In Hearts Wake have shared it all, releasing a fly-on-the-wall style short doco chronicling their recent Equinox Tour.

Atmospheric, vibey and full of some awesome shots of the spectacle (and the lads playing cricket in the middle of an auditorium) the documentary counterpart of the project largely lets the scenery do the talking, with a few interjections here and there from members of the line-up, which include UNFD debutants Ocean Grove, Hands Like Houses, and of course the headlining partners-in-c(ore)rime, In Hearts Wake and Northlane.

The latter two performed separately – and then in unison to reprise the earlier split release Equinox EP – on the tour, which was just a logistical anomaly to behold (the disc fell into the laps of fans from a great height back in April).

The doco is largely set during their show at The Big Top in Sydney, meaning a hefty amount of craziness as been caught up in the below. And coming in at 7 minutes, it’s easy on the ol’ attention span.

Watch the vid below, or catch our review of the Equinox tour’s Sydney leg right here.

WATCH: Northlane & In Hearts Wake: The Equinox Tour [Documentary]

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