Norwegian Couple Drop Brutal Metal Ode To The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’

We don’t doubt that you and your significant other are metal AF, but we doubt that you’re as metal AF as Leo and Stine Moracchioli. The pair are behind a serious of brutal covers with the most recent being a homage to the naughties anthem for disillusioned youth Zombie by The Cranberries.

You have to admire a culture that embraces such public displays of love. Leo, comfortable in his own skin to go all weird and loopy during the verse, bringing it together for a Robb Flynn-esque chorus. Stine, laying down the bass like it’s no one’s business.

Leo, who heads Frog Leap studios, is behind a new series of covers where he takes control over a bunch of instruments – guitar, vox, drums, he’s got it.

One things for sure, I’ve now completely rethought my life plan and will now be moving to Norway to open a recording studio, where I shall await to find my partner in both covers, and life. Sozz, current commitments.

WATCH: Leo and Stine Moracchioli Cover The Cranberries Zombie

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